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Flea Control Service Auckland

Flea infestation is a common problem in pet-friendly households and commercial establishments. While identifying signs of infestation is easy, flea control and eradicating their population proves much more difficult. FCS Cleaning Services can help with the hard part of it all.

Auckland Flea Control Experts

Get started on the easy part of the process by being more watchful of areas in the home frequented by your pets. Statistics suggest most eggs laid on a pet will fall off and find their way onto the floor, eventually lodging into crevices, carpets and furnishings. Left unattended to, this problem initiates new infestation.

Professional Flea Control Service

To make sure each egg is cleaned up and that no new infestation is brewing under your covers and couches, professional flea control service is necessary. FCS Cleaning Service specialises in precise and thorough cleaning services that not only wipes away dust, but gets rid of mould, germs and flea as well.

As with flea control, we are equipped with the lasts technology and implement the use of tried and tested techniques to make sure we deliver excellence in every cleaning project. We understand how tiring this problem can be and want to help you live clean and happy.

Thorough Cleaning and Powerful Protection

To control flea infestation in your homes, the eggs should be cleaned up and the crevices in your home protected from possible future infestation. We make sure all your furnishing, upholstery, carpets and rugs are vacuumed deeply and free of fleas, pupae, larvae and eggs.

Our years of experience in this industry has armed us with the knowledge and specialty in flea control. We use safe and effective products to make sure your house is protected from the bacteria and possible diseases that typically come with fleas.

Hassle-Free Cleaning Service

Take the trouble out of the equation by booking an appointment with our diligent team comprised of residential cleaning / commercial cleaning specialists and flea control experts.

Auckland trusts us with their homes and so should you. Whether it’s a small area of your home infiltrated with fleas or an overall flea control service, we are happy to help. We serve to protect you and your house. Contact us now!

Upholstery Cleaning Specials 5 seating positions cleaned for only $115 + GST. We can also professionally clean 4 average size rooms for $99 + GST.(*average size room = 12sqm) (*Conditions Apply*)

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